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Advanced Training Skills Modules (ATSMs)

In the last 2 years of the training programme, trainees undertake Advanced Training Skills Modules (ATSMs) or subspecialty training to develop the high-level skills they will need for a consultant post in their specialist area of interest. ATSM modules are fully listed below.

For full guidance on ATSMs please visit the RCOG website 

ATSM preceptors


  • Abortion Care – 1

  • Acute Gynaecology and Early Pregnancy – 2

  • Advanced Antenatal Practice – 2

  • High risk pregnancy (2018) previously Advanced Antenatal Practice - 2

  • Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery for Excision of Benign Disease – 2

  • Advanced Labour Ward Practice – 1

  • Advanced Labour Ward Practice (2018)

  • Benign Abdominal Surgery – Open and Laparoscopic – 2

  • Benign Gynaecological Surgery – Hysteroscopy – 1

  • Colposcopy – 1

  • Fetal Medicine – 2

  • Fetal Medicine (2018) - 2

  • Forensic Gynaecology – 2

  • Labour Ward Lead – 2

  • Labour Ward Lead (2018)

  • Maternal Medicine – 2

  • Obstetric Medicine (2018) previously Maternal Medicine - 2

  • Medical Education – 1

  • Menopause – 1

  • Oncology – 2

  • Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology – 1

  • Sexual Health – 1

  • Subfertility and Reproductive Health – 2

  • Urogynaecology and Vaginal Surgery – 2

  • Vulval Disease – 1

Prior to applying for ATSM and entering ST6, trainees must complete their core logbook competencies.


To apply for ATSMs, trainees must apply for regional approval via the matching interview process which usually occurs 4 months prior to entering ST6.

Prior to the matching interviews, trainees should receive an excel file with information from the Deanery regarding which ATSMs are available to them in the NWT region hospitals,with a matching form to complete with their preferences. Up to 3 ATSMs can be chosen but the combined intensity score should not be greater than 3 points.

After regional approval has been confirmed, the trainee must apply formally through the RCOG using the ATSM approval form. This form can be downloaded from the RCOG website. One form can be used for two ATSMs and requires three signatures. These signatures include: the ATSM educational supervisor at the hospital where the ATSM will take place, the ATSM preceptor for the region and the NWT Director of ATSMs: Miss Ghaem-Maghami:


The ATSM approval form should then be sent to the Trainees' Coordinator at the RCOG with a cheque for £133 per ATSM. Trainees' coordinator can be contacted at or call 0207 772 6348, post signed forms to Trainees’ Coordinator, Education Policy, RCOG, 27 Sussex Place, Regent’s Park, London NW1 4RG.

Once the form has been received and approved by the RCOG, the ATSM curriculum should become available on the eportfolio and can be started. The approval process can take 2 months and should be started in advance of starting ST6.

The ATSM competencies and work based assessments should be recorded and signed off on the eportfolio in the ATSM section as for the core logbook.

Mandatory courses are required for the individual ATSMs and are available through the RCOG. Please ensure non-RCOG courses are recognised by the ATSM.

After completion of the ATSM eportfolio logbook and assessments, the logbook should be signed off by the regional preceptor.

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