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Compulsory Courses


  • Basic Practical Skills in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

    • Held at various locations. (See RCOG Courses, Exams & Events page for details of upcoming dates. and venues​)

    • Cost: £710 at RCOG.

    • Often cheaper at other locations.

  • CTG training (course or e-learning package)

    • Many hospitals have access to K2 e-learning package. Ask locally for login details.​

    • E-learning for health has a learning package on electronic fetal monitoring (insert link)

    • Various face-to-face courses nationally:

      • CTG Masterclass held several times annually by Mr Edwin Chandraharan​

        • This is a popular course teaching 'physiological interpretation of CTG

        • Cost: £120 

        • (insert link)

      • RCOG course on Intrapartum Fetal Surveillance

        • Cost: £235​

        • (insert link)

  • Obstetric simulation course

    • PROMPT

      • Courses often held locally.​

    • MOMS​

      • Courses often held locally.​

      • Provided free at West Middlesex. 

      • Also available at Chelsea & Westminster.

    • If your trust runs a 'Skills & Drills' simulation training day, check with your College Tutor whether this will meet the criteria required by the college.​



  • Basic Ultrasound Course

    • Cambridge Perinatal Group

      • 5 day course​

        • 1 day theory

        • 4 days practice

        • Next course: 5-9th November 2018

      • £825​​

    • Imperial College Obstetric Ultrasound Foundation Course

      • 1 day course (Theory only)

      • Discount for trainees at QCCH and St Mary's

      • Usually held in December.

    • Welsh Institute for Women's Health

      • 2 or 3 day courses (1 day theory, 1 or 2 days practice)

      • 2 day course: £400

    • Asma Khalil (consultant at St George's) runs regular 2 day ultrasound courses

    • Regular courses held at St Thomas' Hospital, run by Kings' Health Partners

      • Course: 'Clinical Application of Basic Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynaecology'

      • 2.5 days (half day theory, 2 days practice)​

      • Cost: £400

  • 3rd Degree Tear Repair Course

  • Resilience course e.g. STEP-UP


  • ROBuST

    • Course about instrumental delivery (1 day)​

    • Courses offered by the college

    • Cost: £265 

    • Sometimes held in local hospitals - look out for advertising


  • The London Deanery​
    • Annual free 3 day course​
    • Run by Sonji Clarke (Deputy Head of school)
    • You need to attend at least 2/3 days to get signed off
    • For ST5-7

Other Courses (non-compulsory) 

  • Laparoscopic Modular course for Gynaecologists

Based at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

Human Factors has been identified in the 2018 CQC Opening the Door to Change document as well as the RCOG Each Baby Counts ​programme as being key to us delivering safe and compassionate care.  Of the 468 Never Events recorded in England in 2017-2018, only 4% were amenable to "quick fixes" and technical solutions.  96% were complex, multi-factorial, "wicked" problems that require an overhaul of our systems and culture in healthcare, with Human Factors at the core. 


The LMS has supported this ICHP initiative and aim for all staff in Northwest London to have attended formal Human Factors training over the next two years.  This is the first step we can make to show we are committed to reflecting on and improving our safety culture.  ​


The 1 day FREE course is interactive, discussion-based, and really relies on gathering the experience, expertise, and combined contributions from attendees to share and learn together.  


Dates and venues -  Attendees and Faculty will be multi-professional, multi-disciplinary, and from any of the 6 Northwest London maternity sites.  You can attend any day, not just the days hosted by your own site. 

•Wednesday 16thOctober 2019: West Middlesex Hospital Education Centre


•Thursday 14thNovember 2019: Chelsea and Westminster Hospital


•Friday 6thDecember 2019: Chelsea and Westminster Hospital


Human Factors Free Training Courses

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