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Subspecialty Training

In the last two years of the training programme, trainees undertake subspecialty training or Advanced Training Skills Modules (ATSMs) to develop the high-level skills they will need for a consultant post in their specialist area of interest.

Subspecialty training programmes are advertised in the BMJ. If you wish to register for subspecialty training, applications are made directly to the Deaneries/Trusts as set out in the adverts. The RCOG does not organise subspecialty training posts.

The four subspecialty programmes include:

Gynaecological oncology

Maternal and fetal medicine

Reproductive medicine


Eligibility Criteria (as per RCOG)

1) Hold a UK NTN (national training number) or equivalent, including completion of clinical training to ST5 or ST6 level, confirmed by outcome 1 in most recent ARCP, and have passed the Part 2 MRCOG. Intermediate ultrasound module in normal fetal anatomy is mandatory for entry to subspecialty training in Maternal and Fetal Medicine


2) Hold a UK CCT or CESR and be on the UK Specialist Register in O&G, or hold a CCT or CESR that will entitle you to enter the Specialist Register (formal entry to the programme will only be confirmed once you’ve formally entered the Specialist Register)

3) EEA (European Economic Area) and non-UK applicants who are listed on the UK Specialist Register in O&G

Registering for a subspecialty programme

After you have been appointed for subspecialty training through a structured interview process, you’ll need to register with the RCOG’s Subspecialty Committee. You must do this on appointment to subspecialty training, you cannot backdate registration.

To register, download the subspecialty training registration form and email the completed form to the Advanced Training Coordinator at

You’ll also need to pay a registration fee. In the first year you pay an additional subspecialty registration fee of £180 on top of the annual Advanced Training fee of £137 (£317). In the second year you  pay the basic Advanced Training fee of £137. If you are doing the training over 3 years, you pay the basic Advanced Training fee of £137 in your third year of subspecialty training. If you are taking training Less Than Full Time, training as an academic clinical lecturer etc. you do not pay a further instalment after two or three years.

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