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The London North West Thames RCOG Trainer of the Year nominee Miss Deborah Gould is held in very high regard by the trainees in the region due to her efforts to create learning opportunities for trainees at every level in a supportive and nurturing environment. The trainees feel that Miss Gould ensures that every situation has a learning opportunity and that she cares about their training progression and development as a person and clinician.

The reasons for her nomination include:

  • Miss Gould was appointed to St Mary’s in 2002 to establish the Emergency Gynaecology service. The service is now provided by 5 consultants and 3 scan trained specialist nurses. Increasingly EPAU units are provided by dedicated nursing staff to the exclusion of trainees however the unit ethos has always been to positively encouraged trainees to have an active role in the unit with hands on practical training considered a priority, in a supported setting.

  • Miss Gould is an ATSM preceptor in Acute Gynaecology and early pregnancy and in this role she has trained and mentored a number of trainees who have now taken up Consultant roles in NWL and around the country.

  • Miss Gould has been Clinical Director for Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine  at Imperial College NHS Trust for the last 8 years, and in this role she has led the development of dedicated training roles within the consultant team e.g. simulation leads now focusing on Human Factors in team interaction. In her role as Clinical directors she has supported the creation of research training posts across Imperials sites particularly in early pregnancy / acute Gynaecology.

  • Although not in a recognised educational role Ms Gould believes in leading by example in clinical management, decision making, managing challenge and complaint particularly by providing one to one training and support for trainees. Helping trainees to grow both in terms of clinical management but also developing key leadership skills, as they work towards taking on Consultant posts, is seen to be equally important and something Miss Gould provides through one to one mentorship.


Miss Gould deserves recognition for the significant positive impact she has had on trainees and their training experience in the North West Deanery, ensuring that this occurs in a supportive and constructive environment. We are delighted to recommend her for this award.


Some feedback for the Trainees in the region:

‘I just love her shoes!..... plus she is very kind to all of the trainees and has a good heart, humble and chooses her words nicely and carefully.’

‘Having returned from a OOPR, Ms Gould was the support I needed. She was honest, fair and supportive. No question was too much for her. Even though she has considerable managerial and clinical pressure, she works tirelessly and beyond her clinical duties. She is passionate about training.’

‘Miss Gould has been my role model at St Mary’s Hospital and revived my interest in Gynaecology.’

‘I wish I could clone Miss Gould and take her in my handbag to whichever hospital I move to.’

‘Miss Gould is without a doubt one of the most supportive consultants I’ve ever met.’

‘Miss Gould is a fantastic consultant and outstanding teacher who strives to support trainees at different levels.’

‘Miss Gould is an amazing trainer and leader and supportive of trainees. She also has a pragmatic approach to day to day issues.’

‘Miss Gould is the best consultant I have ever worked with and is the most lovely woman any hour of the day.’

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The London North West Thames RCOG Trainer of the year (2018) nominee Miss Karen Joash is held in very high regard by the trainees in the region due to her immense efforts to develop and promote excellence in training in a kind and constructive environment, so that trainees feel valued yet challenged.

The reasons for her nomination include:

  • As the Training Programme Director for London NWT, Miss Joash was instrumental in changing the culture of training within the Deanery. She supported trainees to go out of programme to develop academic, personal or humanitarian work, resulting in less burn out and attrition and empowering trainees to seek out development opportunities. She also saw the redistribution of trainee numbers across the region to ensure equity and fair distribution to improve trainee education.

  • Miss Joash leads the quality and development of training in her role as Divisional Director of Medical Education for Women and Children’s Services at Imperial College NHS Hospitals, and in this she promotes new advances in education and training, such a simulation training.

  • She developed the serious incident handbook to give guidance to trainees on how to write reports. This handbook is now used by trainees across London.

  • Miss Joash developed and delivers the Clinical Leadership Course which runs cross-specialty.  Miss Joash also promotes Quality Improvement Projects within Imperial giving trainees a voice regarding changes they wish to make, and putting leadership into practice. Projects set up by Miss Joash within the department include the popular baby box which is still ongoing.

  • Miss Joash led a strong stance against bullying in the region, tackling undermining and bullying in culprit hospitals, initially directing LSSOG surveys to demonstrate that behaviours needed to change. This led to interventions by discussing behaviours with Consultants, providing feedback and training to successfully change adverse behaviours.

  • As Course director, she developed material for Faculty Development at Imperial where trainers are trained in generational differences, emotional intelligence and non-technical behaviours to promote excellence in training.

  • On the Education and Assurance Committee at the RCOG she helps design new courses and new training material as part of the quality assurance programme.

  • As Course Director for the SHINE course in North West London, Miss Joash leads a multidisciplinary course between Anaesthetists and Obstetricians to improve behaviours and understanding on the labour ward. This focuses on patient safety elements and includes a review of London maternal mortality data.

  • Miss Joash sits on the Trainee Evaluation Form Committee at the RCOG, helping to generate reports around educational supervision.

  • As Course Director for Perinatal Mental Health teaching on the RCOG course annually, she highlights the importance of quality training within this area.

Miss Joash deserves recognition for the immensely positive impact she has had on trainees and their training experience, striving to ensure that this occurs in a supportive and constructive environment. We are delighted to recommend her for this award.

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