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ARCP: Annual Review of Competence Progression 

This assessment is annual and occurs even when you are OOP. Some ARCPs can be done in absentia, however you should know this in advance. Terry Field ( is the contact for any queries related to the ARCP.

What you need to do to get through:


1) Acheive all the standards as set out in the Training Matrix

2) Complete Form R via

3) Complete the Educational supervisors report- (with your supervisor within eportfolio)

4) T02- (Summary of your TO1s)

5) Trainee evaluation form on eportfolio

6) Logbook of procedures (advised but not mandatory)

ARCP Panel

The panel will have access to your ePortfolio and any other documentation you’ve provided. If you haven’t met some of your targets, you’ll need to provide a reasonable explanation and provide evidence of how you plan to rectify the situation and make progress.

Your evidence must be comprehensive and your documentation should outline audits and projects in detail. If you don’t have any evidence, the panel may suspect that your role was limited and you have minimal experience, and may request an enquiry.

ARCP outcomes


Your ARCP panel will issue one of the following outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: if the evidence provided at your ARCP is satisfactory, the panel will recommend outcome 1, indicating successful transition to the next training year

  • Outcome 2: if there are any deficiencies in your training or areas of poor performance, the panel will recommend outcome 2, which is a recommendation for targeted training to help you address these issue; if you complete this targeted training successfully, there’ll be no delay to your progression to CCT

  • Outcome 3: if the panel identifies that you require a formal additional period of training that will extend the duration of your training programme, they will recommend an outcome 3

  • Outcome 4: if there’s still insufficient and sustained lack of progress despite having had up to 1 year of additional training to address concerns over progress, the panel will recommend outcome 4, which would release you from the training programme.

  • The ARCP panel will issue an appropriate Annual Assessment Outcome Form. You must keep a copy in your ePortfolio.

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